Our Precious Pups


"When I bought my dog from Darcy it was the first dog I had ever owned as an adult. She made me feel comfortable and we talked on the phone multiple times to make sure I knew what would be involved and that me and the dog (Jarvis) would be a good fit. When I went to meet my dog I was glad to see that he was being raised in a good environment around people and other dogs and was playful as well as socialized. He knew to use the litter box right away and that made house training easy. Never having a puppy before I called Darcy multiple times with questions about pretty much everything. She always made the time to call me back and give advice so that I knew what was going on. I would recommend Darcy to anyone that wants to get a pup that they know was raised with care. Jarvis is about 3 months now and everyone loves him. He can be stubborn but he learns fast and in my opinion is pretty smart. So if you are thinking about a frenchie you found the spot just be ready to deal with a little clown always trying to steal your attention! "

Michael C.

Corvalis, OR

"It was pure fate that brought me to Darcy's website Our Precious Pups. I have been looking for french bulldog breeders and researching the breed for over a year. The day that I found Darcy's site was magical. Everything fell into place from Darcy having puppies available, Darcy delivering to my area that week, and well Darcy was so easy and comfortable to talk to that it just felt right. I adore my little Lexi. She is a sweetheart and a joy to be around. She definitely is the right breed for me. They truly are a companion dog and Darcy is breeding some of the best! Lexi and I will definitely be back for a companion in the near future. If you are looking for a loving and precious addition to your family - look no further then Darcy at Our Precious Pups. Thank you Darcy! "

Stephanie R.

Sacramento, CA

"We are thrilled with our new puppy. We received her when she was just 7 weeks and in the 2 weeks that we have had her, we have never smiled so much! Beatrix is a happy puppy that is always looking to make us laugh. Darcy has done a super job raising this puppy. Beatrix came to us litter box trained and she was very comfortable meeting us for the first time. Darcy was always available to me for all the questions and concerns I had. If you are looking for a puppy, Our Precious Pups is a great place to find your new little friend. We are so happy with our puppy. Thank you so much! Sincerely,"

Aimee D.

Santa Rosa, CA

"It was obvious from the start, that Darcy knew what she was doing when I arrived to pick up my pup. She was very interested about myself, and my knowledge of the breed. Darcy was very concerned with the care her pups would receive. She gave me excellent advice for bringing home my baby, as well as extra food and vaccination supplies. Darcy was well prepared for my visit, having all the paperwork ready, and taking the time to review it all, should I have any questions. She emphasized the importance of understanding everything before signatures were signed. Not a day goes by that I get a compliment on the disposition and character of my dog. She is exceptional. She is well-bred in that she is strong, very playful, eats well, and has no physical ailments. My dog, Sophie, is the joy of my life, and I would go to Darcy if or when I would want another bulldog. Still, I am in contact with Darcy, in sharing Sophie's milestones and growth in pictures. Thank you."

Jennifer S.

Danville, CA