Our Precious Pups


"I wholeheartedly recommend Darcy's pugs. After losing my beloved pug Dash, I searched all the Pacific NW states looking for a pug with a lighter colored face, fawn colored wrinkles, and a curly tail. I had despaired of ever finding another one like Dash again. After 4 months, I spotted Bogey(then puppy #3, son of Snow & Barron, two great looking parents) on Darcy's ad. Bogey has more than fulfilled my expectations. He has the softest, fullest coat of fur, beautiful eye markings, perky little ears, decent nostril holes, a hint of a nose, and a curly tail. Darcy treats her puppies like family; and Bogey's wonderful personality is the product of that affection. Darcy also gets high marks for her prompt communications. I feel like I not only gained a pug, but a new friend in Darcy. "

Sally M.

Madres, OR

"We had been looking for a pug for several months and when we came across Our Precious Pups we were so excited. It was great working with Darcy since she responds quickly to all questions and is very knowledgeable. You can tell she has a very close bond with her pugs as she genuinely cares for their well-being. Our little Rolly is a happy little guy - very cuddly, well-behaved, and smart so he has been quick to pick up whatever we teach him. He's a wonderful addition to our family and I would definitely get another pug from Darcy again! "

Olivia W.

San Francisco, California

"My wife and I bought two French Bulldogs puppies from Darcy and Our Precious Pups. We could not have been happier with the experience. The puppies (Rocky and Rambo) are healthy and beautiful. Our whole family loves them very much. Darcy even let us visit the puppies during a trip. Her facility is very clean and professional. Darcy has educated us on keeping the dogs healthy and happy. Above all of that, the prices were very reasonable. I would recommend Our Precious Pups for anyone looking for a great addition(s) to their family. "

Eric and Mandy M.

Sacramento, CA

"I always thought I would get another black lab when I was ready to get my own dog, but my fascination with pugs after meeting my Dad's pug had me hooked and ready to get my own! Finding Darcy's website must have been meant to be. I had been thinking about getting a pug puppy for quite some time and when I finally made the decision to do it, everything fell into place as if it was all planned out already. Titus is the best little thing that's ever happened to me. I made a the long drive from Seattle to pick my little guy up, and I am glad I did because I got to see how great of an environment Darcy raises these pups in, and it's no surprise that Titus has been a joy to have. I have come across breeders who are strictly in a business to breed, but Darcy is unique in how she cares and nurtures for the pups she raises. Titus is walking proof that something was done right since he was born. He is extremely smart, easily trainable, and cuddled in my arms the entire drive home to Seattle the day I picked him up. "

Tyler K.

Seattle, WA